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Crystal Bath Therapy Music - Ultimate Spa Relaxation

Healing Meditation
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Published на YouTube 14.07.2017

Have you ever taken a bath with gemstones or at least heard of a crystal bath? You should try it, especially after a long going working week. Why not enhance relaxation and harmonize your energies in a hot shower or a bath? Set soothing atmosphere before jumping into a hot tub, you may use essential oils, light incense sticks or candles and set Zen Meditation Planet music on! Put a stone or a combination of different stones into a tub and gently fill it with a hot water. You may also hold them in your hands or place them directly on your body on a right place of the chakra system.
Water safe crystals, stones and gemstones for a crystal bath:
* Amethyst
* Quartz, rose quartz, rainbow quartz
* Citrine
* Kunzite
* Hematite
* Onyx
* Tigers Eye Stone
* Agate
* Granite

Not all stones are appropriate for putting it into a hot water. Some may chip, crack or even melt so avoid using the most precious and perfect crystals. A good idea to prevent that is to put stones in a pouch made out of cloth. Those are examples of stones that are not recommended for a crystal bath or a gemstone shower:
* Talc
* Calcite
* Desert Rose
* Sylvite
* Halite
* Azurite

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